Yumms Food Recipe Mobile App UX UI Design

Client Needs & Business Goals

Yumms USP was to have a food recipe app with a lot of food filters like Paleo, Keto diet along with allergies so any person with allergies can easily filter out recipes. Mobile App UX UI Design is always a challenge as most designers don’t focus on accessibility and usability guidelines and neglect user experience design principles. But we take care of users first.


Yumms ► Startup

  1. Engaging & user-friendly interface design for Mobile App for Food Recipe
  2. Showing each step with text and short video steps



  1. Filter options to get recipe for food allergies
  2. Showing Ingredients and Recipe steps on the same screen

The Details

Details for Mobile App Design for Food Recipe

Yumms Food recipe app design
Food filters Mobile Screen for Diet plan choice along with common food allergies

Simple and engaging design to facilitate learning for users. Selecting multiple filters is as easy as a pie

yumms food recipe Mobile App UX UI Design
Settings Login Signup and Recipe Screen

Recipe details and ingredients shown on a single screen with tabs along with short playable video steps

Client Feedback

Simple design for recipe following action with bite sized videos

The Yumms App has an outstanding sleek appearance with a green theme for recipes and healthy living. I was impressed by their ability to design a straightforward, aesthetically pleasing mobile application that works smoothly. The idea of effortlessly simplifying recipes with numerous allergies and food options, such as the Paleo diet, was implemented. Additionally, they have strong coding skills, which was helpful to our mobile development team.

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