Mobile App UX Design for Learning Management System

Client Needs & Business Goals

We crafted a small Dark themed Design System for this Mobile App UX Design project. Learning Management System Apps are not easier to design; you need to design for better engagement and facilitate learning so the users keep viewing the courses.


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  1. Engaging and user friendly interface for easier learning
  2. Gamifying the interface of learning with focus on progress



  1. Simple Video Player with focus on learning rather than controls
  2. Community of students to keep them motivated

The Details

Close up of Mobile App Screens

LMS product design Mobile app design
Dark theme and vibrant colors as target audience was teens and young people in 20s

Simple and engaging design to facilitate learning for users. Gamification added for interactivity and more engagement

LMS product design
Clearly showing progress to motivate more learning

Simple Video player screens to clearly show progress and also your community/friends who are also taking this course for more credibility and trust

Client Feedback

I am seeing higher engagement and active time for users after new design

Thanks team ProDesign for such amazing Mobile App UX Design. The video player they designed is seamless, offering a user-friendly experience for navigating through engaging courses. The app’s focus on fostering a dynamic learning environment is innovative and sets it apart. Thanks to ProDesign, LEARNIN is not just a video player but a transformative educational tool. I highly recommend ProDesign for their commitment to quality and impactful design.

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