NetShore Business Branding for IT Firm

Client Needs & Business Goals

NetShore is a B2B eCommerce software firm that had offices in Asia and Europe. They are the main provider of eCommerce services across Europe. Their new office in Asia needed a brand identity that fits their IT firm and focuses on Culture and Ethics over financials. Be more easier to approach rather than conservative. So we took on the challenge and produced this Business Branding for IT/Software firm.


NetShore ► Startup IT Firm

  1. Straight-forward, sleek and simple Brand Design
  2. Gamifying the interface of Score



  1. Your go to helper in Digital Transformation
  2. Taking care of e-business from 20+ years in Europe

The Details

Other Product Branding Details

Brand design for Netshore IT firm starting with letter N
B2B Ecommerce experts Straight forward and Friendly Brand Design

The essense of culture that was added via a dot (Nuqta) to add Eastern Culture to the modern N letter

Brand design for Netshore IT firm starting with letter N
T Shirt Mugs and other merchandise designs

Simple, elegant, straightforward designs with clarity as the leading character.

Client Feedback

Prodesign seamlessly blended Eastern and Western design for Netshore, creating a logo and branding system that exudes simplicity, sleekness, and openness. The harmonious fusion of cultural elements reflects our brand’s duality, while the clean and elegant design maintains a modern and professional aesthetic. Prodesign’s attention to detail and responsiveness throughout the project exemplified their professionalism, making them our top choice for future collaborations. Highly recommended.

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Muhammad Ahsan

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