iPhone Mobile App Design for Language Learning App

Client Needs & Business Goals

China is world biggest economy and this iPhone Mobile App Design focuses on easy learning of Chinese language. We kept the interface vibrant, engaging, flip card style learning with added Gamification of showing scores to the users so they keep on learning more and more.


Zhen Chu ► Startup

  1. Engaging and user friendly interface for iPhone Mobile App
  2. Gamifying the UX and User Interface of Score



  1. Swipe action to learn language
  2. Floating action button in the middle along with scores

The Details

Details for IOS App UX UI Design

iPhone Mobile App Design for Language learning App
Swipe to reveal words along with Scores and Total points with a sense of gamification

Simple and engaging design to facilitate learning for users. Gamification added for interactivity and more engagement

Color and Typefaces used for IOS App

Plain and serious, readable typeface choices for IOS App Design for improved readability and accessibility.

Client Feedback

Gamification and following IOS Design Guidelines was amazing

What’s even more impressive is that they needed very little direction from us while designing our iPhone language learning app! Their incorporation of gamification is a total game-changer, making the learning experience incredibly engaging. The sleek design style not only aligns seamlessly with iPhone design guidelines but also elevates the overall aesthetic to a whole new level.

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Muhammad Ahsan

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