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60% of product purchasing decisions are based on unconscious minds. Your Digital Product UI and UX design and its interface are going to build first impressions and will mostly affect the unconscious minds of your users. 80% of customers will leave your product after experiencing poor aesthetics and user experience. In simple words, “Design Matters and sells.”

  • UX Consultation Client
  • UX Consultation Client
  • UX Consultation Client
  • UX Consultation Client
  • UX Consultation Client
  • UX Consultation Client
  • UX Consultation Client
  • UX Consultation Client

Revamped Digital Experiences of 10+ SaaS Startups recently


Our experience while collaborating with ProDesign were excellent. The UI designs they came up with were both visually beautiful and extremely practical, and they had a great understanding of our brand and user needs. Using their services is a must if you wish to win over your primary users.

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Manny Vetti


How better UI Design helps you sell more

Visually appealing digital products will upsell more than poor user interfaces

30+ Recurring Premium Memberships

SkilledScore got 30+ Premium Memberships in the first month of their launch due to better UX onboarding and SaaS Dashboard Designs

– Onboarding + SaaS UX Design Revamp

Better Visual Design Sells

Better visual design ensures a seamless user experience across multiple devices and mediums. Most SaaS product designs have accessibility issues due to poor color scheme usage. Apple is selling their products due to better designs and branding.

User-friendly UI and UX Design

You can’t be your own user. Products designed by junior designers or even developers really sucks as they have poor information architecture and user flows. “80% of customers are willing to pay more for a better UI and UX experience.

50%+ increase in User Engagement

LMS system designed to engage young audience in their teens and 20s to learn more with gamification

– Learning Management System App
Accessibility Issues
UX Audit
Smart Sofa App Redesign

Aladin Sofa App – our German client had a lot of negative user reviews. We revamped the onboarding and redesigned the Mobile App

– Poor App Store Reviews

Avoid Poor User Reviews

Most Startups get poor user reviews because their products feel half-baked and they don’t emphasize UX research and user needs. We always use design principles that ensure better design solutions for your customers in the long-run.

Leverage Micro UX Audit to save time

Our UX consulting starts with a micro UX audit of your digital product. We try to find out usability and user experience design issues that are dampening your SaaS Product and find out inconsistencies in your product’s interface design.

Possible Improvements
15+ Onboarding blocks found

SkilledScore has several usability, accessibility and UX Onboarding issues which were reported in the UX Audit Report

– Onboarding + SaaS UX Design UX Audit
Free UI Kit & Illustrations ?

SkilledScore whole interface was a free UI Kit which developers used to build the SaaS AI Dashboard, we redesigned the experience.

– Onboarding + SaaS UX Design Revamp

Does your final design look like a Free UI Kit?

Free UI kits are good for designing wireframes for your product idea, but for the final MVP or your SaaS Product, you need to add your own brand touch. We use premium Design Systems along with premium illustrations and images to design interfaces.  

Conversion focused landing pages

Powerful and conversion focused landing page designs will help your products/services sell more and increase your user base. Do you need more signups for your newly launched app? Let our landing page help you get user’s email and use it later for upselling your services. 

Urgent Fixes
KangarooVentures Landing Page

Startup landing page with custom design and pricing packages, used premium Adobe Typeface for the strong brand image

– Startup Landing Page

What’s included in our UI and UX Design Services

Let’s align your product with your business goals and streamline your design process. 


Most digital products have issues with navigation and user interaction and mostly do not follow best practices. 90% of the founders think that they know what user needs are. We can help you validate your product ideas and do some user research prior to launching your product

UX Consulting


User-Centric design principles are the focal point of our each UX Audit. Finding common usability and interaction design issues in your App will start here. You can either have a micro audit for a specific flow of your App or a detailed UX Audit that reveals overall user experience issues of your Digital Product

UX Audit


We believe that “Design goes beyond aesthetics.” Our design agency makes sure that your mobile app or digital product has design elements that are really essential for users to efficiently perform their tasks. Are you looking for user-friendly interfaces?

UI Design Services


Our design team will revamp your product to modern design. We would love to be your design partner to build design concepts that improve customer engagement. Save time and money by integrating our design and consulting services early in the process of product development.

Revamp SaaS Product

Our latest UX UI Design work

Few of our recent design and development projects for our long-term clients


Traffic Increase




Higher Leads


Google Page Speed

Our Subscription Plans

 We offer simple subscription pricing. No surprises, extend your design team now


Perfect for teams with developers

  • UX Audit & Product Evaluation

  • Onboarding User Flows

  • 1-2 Days Revisions

  • Design System in Figma

  • Unlimited Screens Web/App Design

  • Rebranding included

  • Sr. Product Designer allocated to you

Include Front-End Developer +$1000

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Perfect for teams who need to grow fast

  • UX Audit & Product Evaluation

  • Onboarding User Flows

  • Priority Support & Delivery

  • Design System in Figma

  • Unlimited Screens Web/App Design

  • Direct Team Extension

  • Sr. Product Designer + Junior Designer

Include Front-End Developer +$1000

2 Spots Left (this month)

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Why ProDesign as your Design Agency?


Years of Experience


Team Members


User Interfaces

We are a small team of UX UI Designer and Front-End Web Developers

Question about UI and UX Services

What includes in your UI and UX Design services?

We start with a Micro UI Audit of your Product. If you agree to the problems we have found in this first phase, our design studio will move on to the design and ideation phase. We can provide you with powerful branding, whole interface redesign along with Pitch Decks for your Startups. 

Do you also offer development services for Mobile Apps or Web Apps?

Yes, we also provide landing page development, web development, Mobile app development and SaaS Web App development using WordPress, React Native and React.js. If you have your own development team, we can provide you with the developed UI in react.js or angular.js

How does your design process work?

Discovery phase where we learn more about your product and users, IDEATION phase where we develop wireframes and early prototypes to test, DESIGN phase where we start design of different user flows and screens. DEPLOY phase where we 

What are the tools you use for user experience design services?

  • Figma / FigJam – for UX Evaluation Report
  • Slack / Trello – For Project Management
  • Figma – For UI Design, Wireframes & Interactive Prototypes & Design Systems
  • Usability Testing – Paper or Digital Prototypes with Zoom 1-1 session with the user
  • Optimal Workshop for Information Architecture
  • User Research – Hotjar, Maze

What is your approach to wireframing and prototyping?

Wireframes make sure that all the content, labels, buttons and design elements are there on the screens. We mostly let our clients draw their own ideas on paper and just send an image to us so we can better understand their goals, then we bring life to your sketched ideas with our design services.

How much time does it take for your whole design workflow?

It depends on the domain, complexity of the project, number of junior and senior UX Designers involved. Most SaaS Startups design consulting takes from 3 to 6 months. Time also depends on number of services used like branding, Pitch Deck design or Email designs other than Dashboard and flow designs.

What are your UX Process deliverables?

  • User Research
  • UX Audit report (for existing design)
  • User Persona
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Sitemap / User Flows
  • Wireframes
  • UI Screens
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Design systems

How can we fast-track your digital expansion?

Our design agency can help you make your ideas become a reality.

Don’t have a UX Designer on your team!

We have helped numerous firms, early startups build design solutions and worked as their product design team. Normally, it takes 3 months to 6 months to ensure that you have a user-friendly MVP with superior UX. We can also help revamp your product’s digital experiences with Design Systems.


Traffic Increase




SaaS Redesigns


MMR in First Month

Seamless Digital Product Design

Why we are a top-rated team of product designers because we are a tech-enabled product team that can seamlessly work alongside your product development team so you are in safe hands with every step of your product stage.


Senior Product designers


Junior Designers


UI Screens Designed


SaaS Redesigns

Landing page Design & Development Services

Building a successful brand for your startup is not an easy job. We ensure that your product web design/ landing pages are conversion rate optimized and help you get more leads and business.


Traffic Increase




Higher Leads


Google Page Speed

User Research and Product Design Strategy

Our design studio will evaluate your existing product to provide you with valuable insights and help you with better digital strategy for information architecture, SEO, content, features matrix and help you win product discovery phase. Get production ready UI Designs for your developers.


User Satisfaction




UI Screens Designed


Usability Issues Found

Let’s make your digital product feel premium

Business solutions won’t work unless users can use your product easily

Let our UX Professionals evaluate and analyze your Product to provide valuable insights.

How we’re different from agencies, freelancers? (hint: we have 20 years of Experience!)

Discovery call to explore our design approach & areas for improvement in your product

We presented them with an ugly design for our SaaS AI startup. We started with a detailed UX Audit for our SaaS Onboarding flow, landing page and other user engagement ideas. Likewise, we ended up working 3 months with a full revamp of our two startups which was the best decision ever.



Zindabhag was totally different theme. We provided them with barely much direction. They came up with some of the content along with ideas on how to get more Monthly recurring customers by having an optimized Checkout UI Design that were amazing…

Zeeshan Usmani


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